E2 Diet – Back to the food log

I have been out of town and away from computers since mid last week so I fell off the food log. But I did manage to stay true to the plant-based diet, even though I wasn’t able to keep the variety up.

A 3-day church retreat forced me to improvise. I had to fend for myself without refrigeration or a kitchen, but with the help of a cooler and some planning I did OK. I ate a lot of natural/no sugar/whole wheat PB&J sandwiches and plenty of fruit, but didn’t vary the diet much for the three days. But it went well and I didn’t get hungry.

Today I had my first baked sweet potato on the diet and I’m inspired to find more ways to prepare them. It turns out they’re amazingly good for you and they taste pretty darn good! Who knew??!

Dinner got off to a late start (need to set better boundaries when working from home), but I started a bread recipe that should turn out well. It’s not all whole-grain but it has chickpeas in it with no added sugar, so it can’t be that bad for you. We’ll see in the morning.

The food log returns tomorrow!