E2 Diet – Day 3


Breakfast 1 Banana
Breakfast 2 Fig newtons, almonds

Thai Salad w/ peanut sauce, side of steamed brocolli w/o oil (at J. Alexanders)

Dinner Asparagus (3 spears)
Black beans and rice w/ veggies

Here’s my creation:


How I’m Feeling

I slept in so my grand plans for the double-header workout were pared back to one really good weight workout. The workout went well. My energy level is good and I’m getting used to my scaled-back caffeine intake. I had a nice 1-hour mountain bike ride.

Weight: 155


Spinning class in the AM


My doctor’s office sent me the results of my pre-diet blood work. They’re actually pretty good. We’ll see how they look after 28 days.

Cholesterol 161 MG/DL
HDL Cholesterol 53 MG/DL
LDL Cholesterol 101 MG/DL
Triglycerides 35 MG/DL
Glucose 85 MG/DL