E2 Diet – Day 2


Breakfast 1 Banana
Breakfast 2 Ezekiel 4:9 w/ Soy Milk and half Banana
Fig Newtons (whole-grain organic)

Vegetable soup (canned) w/ 6 oz. Garbanzo Beans added
Fig Newtons (whole-grain organic)


Afternoon snack Grapefruit
Dinner Moe’s Southwestern Grill: Veggie Burrito, chips

How I’m Feeling

I felt great in the morning through the afternoon and the morning workout went well. Breakfast was rough—I don’t think I’m ready for twigs and berry cereal yet. I started to get hungry at around 3:30pm but didn’t have snacky food with me at work, so I made it to dinner. We went to Moe’s and I did as well as I could there—stuck w/ Vegan but more oil than I would normally have. This evening my body is adjusting to the new diet—much more fiber than I was used to is probably a part of it.

Weight: 156


Staying the course, going to try the double-header workout in the AM (fitness class then weights with the crew).