E2 Diet – Day 1


Almonds, whole, 1/2 cup
Spinach and tomato salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
Lunch Miso soup 1: cup
Spinach and tomato salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
Almonds, whole,1/2 cup
Dinner Whole grain pasta w/ veggie sauce
3 slices, who grain bread

Today was a little light on calories. I was going to make veggie pizza for dinner but I was missing a few things so I improvised with the pasta. I filled in with bread and fruit and had some almonds to get protein after the workout. I didn’t feel hungry today, but did have some cravings in the afternoon. I’ll need to pick up the calories with nuts and grains since I’m not really trying to lose a lot of weight.

How I’m Feeling

I felt a little tired mid-morning through afternoon. I cut back on my caffeine so it will take a few days to adjust to the lower dose. A lot of it goes back to a busy weekend where I messed up my sleep cycles and started the week behind on sleep. An early bedtime tonight should help that.

Weight: 156


I have a shopping list of a few things so I can make BBQ veggie pizza and homemade hummus. I take a spinning on Wednesday mornings so that will be my first workout after changing my diet. I don’t expect any difference, especially this early on.


  • Right now I’m spending a more time that I’m used to thinking about food. That’s a net positive in my mind right now and I think a lot of this will become automatic for me in a few weeks
  • I’m going to have to plan ahead to get the calories I need on workout days or I’ll start dropping pounds pretty quickly. The irony is that I’ll have to get used to eating more than I have been.
  • I started reading The China Study which makes a case for plant-based diets. My impressions will appear here as I get through it.
  • The more I read and think about this diet, the more I see that dairy is actually a bigger enemy than meat.