About this crazy diet (T-2 Days)

Many of my friends have heard me talk about the changes I’m making to my diet starting this Tuesday. In short, reading The Engine 2 Diet  by Rip Esselstyn inspired me to do more research and to start reflecting on how I think about food. In sort, this diet eliminates animal proteins by going to a whole-grain plant-based diet. I try to eat somewhat healthy now but I’d I’d say I eat just slightly better than the average American. That will change as I commit to a 4-week test to see if I can feel and measure the difference in eating this way.

So many of my friends are asking me why I’m trying something this. I’m 5’ 10” and at 158 lbs, I’m within the healthy target range for my height. I work out 4-6 days a week and my body fat percentage is the mid/low teens. As far as I know, I’m in perfect health.

The first reason is that we have an epidemic of heart disease in this country and based on the research presented in the E2 book and other sources, it’s pretty clear that our Western diet is mostly to blame.

So should I wait until I’m 60 to start thinking about this? To me, that’s like waiting until I’m 60 to start putting money in the 401k. Or waiting until 60,000 miles to start changing the oil on a car.

By reading material like this, this and this (and many others), I’m convinced that there’s something behind this idea of a plant-based whole-grain diet being healthier than a typical American diet. Rip’s book convinced me that eating like this is practical and I don’t need to do anything dramatic to work it into my life. The only things holding me back are habit and inertia.

So to come full circle here, the more I study this, the more I look around at what I have been eating up until now and see how crazy that diet was. So this week, I will see what it’s like to get off this crazy diet.

I’ll keep a journal of my progress here.

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